Exclusive materials
& interior solutions.


When taking part in making a unique upcoming home we start with our Fredsted Surface Collections:
Our Floor Collection, our Outdoor Collection and out Stone Collection.
Creativity connected everything with our Tailormade Solutions.

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Fredsted Stone Collection

Exclusive natural stone surfases for floors, walls and furniture’s.
We deliver luxury furniture’s, handcrafted in natural stone, in cooperation with our Italian Design Partner, Vaselli Marmi.

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Silver Oak

Our Fredsted Silver Oak has a completely original expression, that cannot be matched by our other surfaces. A shade of gray with a nice brushed structure. Achieve a holistic expression, where outside and inside merge, by installing an indoor and outdoor environment with one of our wood types from the Fredsted Wood Collection.

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Material Moods

Fredsted represents a complete solution of sublime materials in wood and stone for any architectural space in an inside or outside environment.

by Fredsted Studio