Tailormade Solutions

Out of respect for nature, we offer bespoke design solutions in all species from our Fredsted Floor and Fredsted Outdoor Collections. We call these tailormade solutions.

All tailormade solutions are made from same high-quality wood as our Fredsted collections. Use a tailormade solution to complement your Fredsted floor or to seamlessly balance the transition between indoor and outdoor living areas.

We offer an integrated line of interior solutions for wall and ceiling decor, stair treads and skirting boards. For exterior solutions we offer slats for fences, cladding and decor.

Browse through our Spaces for applied tailormade solutions, visit our Fredsted Studio or share your thoughts, for us to start creating a dialogue of installing a crafted bespoke solution.

Why Tailormade

As part of our philosophy, contributing to the quality of life through natural materials, we want to create spaces that feel good in every way. Together with skilled architects we realise dreams and provide exciting interior and exterior experiences. For us, craftsmanship is key in terms of quality control. We do not cut down trees for simple production, to build up large stock. Every cutdown, and production is made due to an order and with a purpose. Using the full log in production, is what we believe to be most respectful to nature.

We have a vested interest in taking care of nature, because it ensures the source of our wood remains intact. For this reason, we have implemented tailormade products in our collections which are designed from leftovers and offcuts. To use up leftovers in the most artful way, to create interest about a forgotten material always considering its real values. This is our creative exploration – a natural extension of our DNA.


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