Fredsted Space

Drawing inspiration from the semidarkness of the Nordic climates, the Nordic signature is merging simplicity and function,
local traditions and the finest craftmanship. Our Fredsted Space are paying homage to honest materials and creates an atmospheric
harmonious whole embracingthe warmth of what we define as the new Nordic –Nordic Noir.

Visiting our Fredsted Space will invite you into a calm atmosphere of natural materials. You will be welcomed into our open work space, glancing upon large window frames which gives you access to our centred Fredsted Patio.

Connected to our workspace our Fredsted Studio will call to explore the world of our wooden solutions. Interior and exterior, for walls and floors as well as the opportunity to play with different materials matching your preferred wooden products, our Surface -and Studio Partners have to offer. Our Studio sets out to be an innovative design community based on collaboratives for designing spaces through surfaces.

From our Fredsted Studio a window in solid walnut measuring 1,60 x 3 meters allows you visual contact to the heart of our business – Fredsted RAW. The first touch with natu¬re, where you as a customer is invited behind the scenes. Experience the raw beauty of the trees, evoking your sen¬ses, scenting freshly cut logs and a true to nature authentic feel when exploring the raw wood first-hand. The first visual step for our customers to explore the raw wood in the process from forest to floor.

Fredsted Space – Hall



Fredsted Space – Canteen

A harmonious whole

A harmonious whole. A mood. An atmosphere that moves you. Fredsted is defing spaces through surfaces. We want our passion to shine through and in collaborations, we want to create trends, rather than following them. The idea of buying old, preserving and adding new – the idea of doing a ”Grand Transformation” of an obsolete industrial property in an upcoming industrial area close to the metropolitan with a building style adding a soul and creates a homely atmosphere. A vison of creating the work space of tomorrow where the interface between a workspace and a Japanese spa hotel are connected into a modern space focusing on innovation, quality and tranquility.

Book the Studio

The Fredsted Studio is a collaborative material space. Have your architectural meetings with clients or book the studio for social gatherings, workshops, photoshoots or events.

The Studio is available upon request. Book an architectural visit for free. Venue requests– price by inquiry.

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