Authencity above all

A floor from Fredsted embrace the raw and refined and every nuance. A Fredsted floor is the elusive allure of nature. We cultivate nature. Honor nature. From dawn to dusk. As the authentic perfection lies within the echoes of nature to age beautifully over time. A Fredsted floor is raw beauty of acing elegance. Authenticity above all.
We embrace the melancholy mood of the season as a creative premise that defines and drives our past year in business. We have channelled our focus of providing exquisite craftsmanship appealing to discerning architectural minds, in bringing nature into your homes.
Reflecting upon the past year, we have introduced our Brozed Oak to our floor collection. We have created a spectacular (public) space with our Pale Oak floor boards in Billund, Denmark. Mosa Tiles has succeeded extensively at the Danish market, both industry –as private housing wise. The Mosa Fuse collection has been introduced. (And a new member has joined our team.)
As spotted in last year’s reflections, we can conclude, that the rising demand for quality products and more dedicated and committed customers towards more honest materials, are


a growing reality. Not for our business alone, but a collective tendency fundamental to the new Nordic soul.

By challenging the innate sense of simplicity, the lightness of the Nordic soul turned into Nordic Noir, warmth defines as brown and bold. In the past year, we have brought nature into more homes and the request upon a Fredsted floor is indeed increasing.

Taking part, in making the heart of an upcoming home unique, gives us a feeling of dependability and responsibility crucial to our survival. Awareness to us is key. Still. And it is an inevitable part of our identity.

We continue pursuing the extraordinary on our journey, honouring all previous projects and embracing all new ideas/projects/customers seeking our knowledge in the future.

We, at Fredsted, looking forward welcoming you in 2019.