Nature’s finest cut

Making nature an integrated part of any home
requires extensive knowledge about tree types, their environment and when and how to source them. The understanding of how wood behaves lays the foundation of any good wood work and top-quality craftsmanship.

In order to provide extraordinary craftsmanship, we take pride in conducting firsthand examination of all our wood, and we pay full attention to the whole process from forest to floor.

Thomas Bak has over 20 years of experience in global trading of hardwood and acts as Fredsted Floors’ leading expert in selecting the best quality wood. Thomas often visits our sourcing areas to examine the condition in them present and surrounding environment, and to provide our collaborators with feedback and the necessary knowledge about our specific product requirements.


Trees play a very important role – especially concerning our ecological health. And with increasing pressure on the global environment it is our responsibility to maintain the integrity of our trees and the growth of our forests. Without attention on achieving a more ecologically sustainable landscape worldwide, our trees would degenerate and disappear – and we would never be able to uphold the quality we demand.

We source our wood from the finest and largest trees all over the world, because we believe, that quality wood flooring demands a high quality product. Our mission is to realize nature’s finest cut through environmental awareness, top-quality craftsmanship and insightful wood know-how in order to bring the essence of nature into your home.