Raadhuis Krimpen aan den Ijsel

‘The recessed windows break up the building mass to make it less monolithic and create depth, especially with the changing shadows.’




Supported facade systems

Mosa supports a variety of ventilated facade systems. Our ceramic facade systems have been assessed and approved at EU level in accordance with the applicable EADs (ETAG). As a result, our tiles have also been recognized as suitable and permitted for use as facade cladding in your project. A distinction can be made between two basic systems: one which is attached with visible clamps and one which is attached with invisible undercut anchors.

Mosa Solids

Solids consists of twelve colours that add warmth and depth to any surface. Six neutral colours and six expressive colours for natural surfaces. All of the tiles in the Solids series have a unique texture and come in six different colours.

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