Rooted in Aarhus with eyes on world, Fredsted is slowing winning its impact. A constant dialogue of creation taking place and finally we have landed in a place to call home. Home to our Fredsted brand and home of our company headquarter.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the Nordic climate, merging simplicity and function, local traditions and the finest craftmanship our Fredsted Space is paying homage to honest materials and creates an atmospheric harmonious whole.

Fredsted Space

When constructing a space paying homage to honest materials, two crucial criteria are in play: Client involvement and a passionate material cultivation.

Creating Fredsted Space in close collaboration with Ravn Arkitektur uplifted the two. Being an enthusiastic participant rather than just a customer, made the architects understand our thoughts. And us, bringing the material-knowhow into the process, finalized the architectural construct framing our Fredsted home.

Such a mindset, which has client involvement as the focal point, has become our key objective when conducting business. Architects should be able to understand, the clients mindset and turn him into an enthusiastic participant, rather than just a customer.

Defining spaces through surfaces 

A harmonious whole. A mood. An atmosphere that moves you. Fredsted is defining spaces through surfaces. Our space covers both inside and outside areas, and we encourage our clients to experience our materials in innovative ways, celebrating tactility and individual dimensions.

With our Fredsted home, we have created a fundamental source of inspiration with a poetry of its own. A subtle balance of harmony and natural elements. We want our passion to shine through and in collaboration, we want to create trends, rather than follow them.

Walnut Frame – Fredsted Raw

Tailormade wall – Fredsted Office