”It’s not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction
of the foundation that will stand the test of time. ”
– Davis Allan Coe

The biggest single furniture

A floor should feel pleasant and undemanding walking upon. Consider the floor as the biggest single furniture in any space. The floor is the biggest single furniture in any space. A floor is the main element – taking away all interiors, leaving the floors exposed as the main experience shaping the atmosphere to the room.

Building a house, designing a space, creating an atmospheric room, the floors shapes the most important foundation. (several characteristics are in play) Leaving footprints upon the floor should be effortless and pleasant. The eyes glancing across should feel its presents and pleasing warmth. On a practical level, any floor should be easily maintainable, simple to clean and being selected based on the construction of the materials lasting for generations to enjoy.

Hard wood floors have a warmer feel than most laminates. Because it is actual wood, no two boards of hardwood will look exactly alike, due to no two places on the board where the wood grain looks exactly the same.


Choosing a floor in wide planks in solid wood, bring a warmth and a luxurious feel to any space. However, choosing a hardwood floor, expensive does not necessarily have to be better. It is about the aesthetics and technical qualities of the material.

A hardwood floor would also be susceptible to damage, therefore, keeping the aesthetically appearance, most hardwood floors involves finish. Treating the floors with soap or oil, depending of the purpose of the floors and the desired expression and, in mind, the use of the floor and thereby traffic and frequency of care. A solid wooden floor, is in a natural material with a longevity when properly maintained.

Wood has become the hottest material in the new Nordic design trend. Wood has become a signature and a quality reference of Scandinavian. Wood is used in great extent more in the Nordic interior, both on floors, wall and furniture. The combination of wood in interior – external as internal, creates overall simple impressions focusing on quality. Fredsted embraces the trend, and to uplift our design heritage, we contribute to creating cleaner environments, and a closeness of bringing nature inside.