Authenticity Above All

Taking part, in making the heart of an upcoming space unique, gives us a feeling of dependability. Awareness to us is key. And it is still an inevitable part of our identity. At Fredsted we share a passion. We are building value by elevating the quality of living environments with a strong focal point: materials matters.

Fredsted RAW. The heart of our business. The first touch with nature, where you as a customer is invited behind the scenes, experiencing raw beauty in nature’s own shape. Emerging from, and still working closely together with our partner Global Timber. A leading supplier and trading specialist within the hardwood industry provide us access to a 5.000m3 buzzing timber hub, presenting Northern Europe’s largest stock of worldwide sourced and selected hardwoods. Having access to this amount of stock, we are ready to transform raw logs into authentic floors and design elements.

Based on respect for nature, our joint purchasing policy maintain the integrity of the forests, and together we support local producers by gaining full exploitation of the logs. Global Timber go to considerable lengths to source the finest quality hardwood logs. In doing so, we at Fredsted ensures a superior wooden solution crafted from a wide range of sizes, grades, and formats with a surface true to nature embracing its natural aesthetics

Raw Wood Materials

Experience raw beauty in nature’s own shape at our Fredsted Space

The Lab Aarhus

At our Fredsted LAB we explore materials rough in their texture,
with its natural imperfections.

Connecting our Fredsted RAW and Studio is our Fredsted LAB. This is where the magic happens. This is where we feel, touch, and understand the wood in its raw form and turn it into samples, tests and finally into our collections.

Understanding the origin of the materials, digging into the inherent qualities and tactility, at our Fredsted LAB we explore materials rough in their texture, with its natural imperfections. In creative exploration we work outside the predefined, testing, applying surfaces acquiring knowledge immersive intensity the materials behaviour in the architectural process.